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Selfie Girl Metal

Saturday, November 15, 2014

The appropriate headline of this content is Selfie. The replacement or omission of the is because of technological limitations. The Chainsmokers, consisting of Attracted Taggart and Alex Pall, had observed how the phrase selfie had become a pattern and they desired to take benefits of it. They created a trial of a songs containing speech from a women clubber about getting excellent selfies. Motivation came from the frequent team going ladies that The Chainsmokers saw on their evenings out in New You are able to Town. So when they were writing the monitor, they desired to integrate the "let's take a selfie" range in it somehow. The Chainsmokers described in an meeting with The Arizona New Periods, Honestly, "Selfie" is type of a pattern for us. We created it and believed it was crazy and put it out as an modify. Then Dim Mak desired to buy it, and they purchased it from us and put it out formally and we created videos clip for it. This was all just because we believed it was fun. And then the songs just type of took on a lifestyle of its own. Which is genuinely really excellent because it's introduced in a new viewers of individuals that pay attention to songs that we've created that we're more enthusiastic about.

Death Metal Origins

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Throughout the history of metal, genres seem to have branched out and recreated themselves. A definition to the distorted outburst of fast-paced guitar chord progressions and barbaric growls, cannot simply be defined as "metal". The genre has become so diverse, that it has been divided into an assortment of categories, and therefore leaving the word "metal" without the prerequisite genre-defining label might lead to confusion. One popular sub genre of metal, is death metal, which in turn, has its respective subdivisions.

death metal bands - morbid angelDeath Metal emerged during the mid 1980s colliding a mix of heavy punk,speed and thrash metal. By the early 1990s Record label Earache Records were amongst the first labels to sign death metal bands and pave the road to their extremity for years to come. Bands such as Death and Morbid Angel are often considered founders of this genre.

The initial classification of death metal was thought of as an assemblage of harsh, macabre, mind thumping melodies and complex percussions. Added with the ferociousness of the "death grunts" and screams, death metal was often regarded as one of the most violent music genres to emerge from metal. Death metal's lyrics often revolved around acts of gory and bloody carnage, destruction and mutilation. As some have regarded this as unorthodox or psychologically sickening, death metal artists defend their work and cherish it as an overkill of entertainment; similar to the aesthetic properties of horror movies.

death metal bands - deicideBy the mid 1980s, American bands such as Obituary, Deicide and Pestilence were incorporating technical and melodic arrangements which inspired the flourishing death metal bands in Sweden, and brought about a more harmonious "Melodeath" genre. This sub-genre is a more "flowing" combination of heavy and death metal which incorporated more melodic guitar riffs, acoustic guitar work, some clean vocals and often more coherent lyrics than typical death metal songs. One evident addition would be the synthesizers and keyboards that are used not only to create main melodies but also the background tunes that bring the songs alive. Notable melodeath bands include Amorphis, In Flames and Dark Tranquillity. In the early 1990s, a new sub-genre was being displayed by Napalm Death's "Harmony Corruption"; this sub-genre was labelled "grindcore" as the term "grind" is the best way to describe the speed and brutality of this genre. The characteristics of grindcore include down-tuned guitars, throat-shredding growls, power-violence and blast beats while fusing rage and aggression into their music and vocals. Modern bands like Devourment, Skinless and Agoraphic Nosebleed have taken this archetype and embedded it into their music which is focused on subjects like political unrest, "bodily" themes, and even animal abuse.
Today, Grindcore is also known by its own sub-genres including goregrind, deathgrind and noisegrind, while some refer to it as simply "grind". Originating from an "underground" scene, grindcore is intentionally broken off from the mainstream, and is kept alive by small groups of die-hard metal fans all around the globe.
The popularity of Death Metal reached its peak in the mid 1990s and thus encouraged a vast diversity of bands to create an ever-growing sea of new sub-genres.
death metal bands - cannibal corpseEach day, society experiences individuals that feel the need to withdraw from the typical, mainstream morals of the conventional life that they lead.
Death metal provides these people with a glimpse of chaos and nihilism, providing a way to vent as an escape from social norms. Death metal has not collapsed on its own inertia, or becomemorality-driven and conformist like emo or commercial metal bands. Its underground community remains strong and boldly independent.

Lvcifyre- "Svn Eater" CD/LP (Dark Descent)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Greetings readers. Thanks for being patient with my slight delay in reviews. Today we're visiting an album that's only been out for a couple days and has already been causing quite a stir in the general metal media. I tend to try to steer clear of releases that are receiving larger amounts of coverage, but this one impressed me enough to warrant sharing with my readers. With a name like Lvcifyre, I would normally be slightly hesitant about the music, as the whole business of substituting "v' for "u" is typically an indication of campy junk, but even my first listen yielded great interest. It's evident these guys are dead serious and focused on cultivating a truly evil atmosphere, not just playing with Satanism for laughs.

While Svn Eater lurches in slowly with a nearly five-minute long buildup on opener "Night Seas Sorcery," the rest of the album's nearly fifty minutes passes quickly with very few moments of relief. While the lyrical and visual aesthetic of the album is clearly rooted in black metal's symbolism, this is very much an efficient and precise exercise in death metal perfection. Guitars swirl and roar in lower frequencies, yet don't tread into the more subterranean horror that's so popular now. Instead, this is a modern take on the classic aggression of early 90's acts, relentless and full of great riffs. In fact, the mix is crystal clear without treading into slick or obnoxious territory. Everything is crisp and balanced, exactly as it should be, with just enough variety and nuance to keep things from being a simple rehash of a genre overplayed. Copies of this album are officially on sale from Dark Descent now, so grab it on the format of your choice while it's available.

European Deathcharge Tourdates Revealed

Sunday, March 9, 2014

We are thrilled to announce all dates & details for the "European Deathcharge tour 2014", our upcoming summer-crusade alongside US devil metal masters Nunslaughter and Swedish thrashers Warfect.

NUNSLAUGHTER + DEMONICAL + WARFECT - European Deathcharge tour
03.07 2014 GER - Berlin - Under The Black Sun Festival
04.07 2014 GER - Wermelskirchen - AJZ Bahndamm
05.07 2014 BEL- Leffinge - Devils Corner
06.07 2014 FRA - Paris - Le Klub
07.07 2014 NL - Tilburg - Little Devil
08.07 2014 GER - Kassel - H. Schmiede
09.07 2014 GER - Bremen - Römer
10.07 2014 DK - Fredericia - Metal Magic Festival
11.07 2014 GER - Hamburg - Bambi Galore
12.07 2014 GER - Torgau - In Flammen Festival
13.07 2014 GER - Karlsruhe - AKK
14.07 2014 GER - Aalen - Rock It
15.07 2014 ITA - Milano - Blue Rose Saloon
16.07 2014 ITA - Zero Branco (Treviso) - Altroquando
17.07 2014 AT - Graz - Club Wakuum
18.07 2014 CZE - Trutnov - Obscene Extreme Festival
19.07 2014 POL - Szczecin - DK Slowanin

A strictly limited 7" vinyl-release featuring exclusive Nunslaughter and Demonical material will be released in connection with the tour. Further info TBA!

Nile - At The Gate of Sethu

Monday, March 3, 2014

Alright, after listening to it, I'm amazed and blown away with the fact that they actually managed to offer something entirely new! After so many vocal experimentation on all of their previous albums, they've once again succeeded in providing a completely fresh approach. It's truly mind boggling.
The melodies are out of this world, especially on Supreme Humanism of Megalomania. It's just pure evil that immerses you in your entirety. Kollias is still the biggest beast in death metal, regardless of musical taste and misguided opinions. Rhythmically, the album owns with intensity, diversity and complexity. Rarely do we have a chance to hear a release that offers so much fresh and new moments, yet still manages to stay that which makes Nile the band it is. No bullshit.
In fact, this one is definitively the one to battle Annihilation of the Wicked and In Their Darkened Shrines for the Nile throne. Don't trust me? Listen to it for yourself.

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