Hooded Menace - Effigies Of Evil

Friday, January 17, 2014

The latest Hooded Menace album is upon us and, though I think it doesn't need any introduction, I'll do a short one for all you people out there who are just discovering the beauty of the occult damnation in the form of some excellent death metal.

This is a relatively new band, but they fucking blasted their way out of the basement due to some well known names in the metal scene, as well as those abominably good riffs throughout their opus. You'll have the fortune to witness those on this release as well, don't you worry. Another thing that will keep you captivated are the vocals, which can only be described as something monstrous created in some horrendous unearthly depths by the undead child of H.P. Lovecraft and Mary Shelley.

So, yeah, haven't written in a while, words kinda fly out by themselves. Anyway, I'm throwing some great death/doom your way. You'd have to be a fool to miss out on this one.

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